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    • Qingdao Licunhe WTP Retrofitting Project
    • Background

      Qingdao Licunhe WTP , with the original scale of 170,000 m3/d, implemented I-B standard. In 2010, IFAS was adopted for retrofitting. The effluent ammonia nitrogen, COD and TP implemented I-A standard. In 2015, the design water volume was increased to 250,000 m3/d, achieve comprehensive I-A standard.

      Implementation Idea

      After retrofitted by IFAS, the second transformation considered the problems of further upgrading, insufficient carbon source and high organic nitrogen of inlet water. Post-denitrification area was and suspension carrier was added to enhance the treatment effect.


      The MBBR process has a gradual upgradeability. It only needs to add the filler directly in the next upgrading. It is simple and easy to implement, and can realize the design once and raise the volume in steps.. In 2016 , Licunhe project successfully passed the evaluation of the promotion project of " Enhanced denitrification treatment technology of new suspended carriers of Class-Ⅳsurface water", and became a new technology in urban drainage industry.


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