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    • Fire Drill Organized by SPRING
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    • The Bank of thousands of miles, crumbling in the ant nest, the boat of life, covering negligence.

      SPRING company is in awe of life and always puts the life safety of employees first in the development of the company. In order to further strengthen the fire safety awareness of the company's employees and enhance their fire response and escape skills, SPRING company organized a fire fighting drill on the morning of November 17.

      The worker of SPRING company Learn fire fighting knowledge again and tighten safety strings

      In order to ensure the effectiveness of the drill, professional firefighters were invited outside SPRING company to carry out the fire safety knowledge popularization education for the company's employees again, and explained the fire equipment knowledge and correct operation methods.

      Say 10000 times, nothing is better than a real battle

      Life can't be rehearsed, but it's safe to rehearse in advance.

      At 10:50, with the alarm of sprun, the simulated fire is spreading rapidly. All the staff bent down and covered their noses according to the specified evacuation route according to the plan, and quickly and orderly evacuated to the safe area of the company's hospital through the safe fire fighting channel. The whole evacuation and escape drill took 1 minute, and the evacuation process was fast, orderly, unhurried and completed the evacuation drill excellently.

      In order to strengthen everyone's self rescue ability, after the evacuation drill, a "small fire field" was set up in the hospital. Firefighters taught and demonstrated how to use the fire extinguisher. SPRING company employees "went to the battle" in succession. Under the guidance of firefighters, "one pull, two press and three alignment", they picked up the fire extinguisher to carry out the fire drill in person.

      The fire fighting drill effectively improved the fire safety awareness and self prevention and self rescue ability of the company's employees, and consolidated the company's fire safety foundation.

      Safety responsibility is more important than Mount Tai. SPRING company is ready for every fire drill to protect the life safety of employees!

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